Emily Okey


Redesign the NBCUniversal Intranet to account for company growth and optimize the website with a diverse user base in mind.

Project Timeline: 5 Months

Team: Emily Okey (UX Designer), Toby (UX Manager), Ben (UI Designer)




Defining the User

I worked alongside another UX Designer to complete stakeholder & user interviews over the course of 2 weeks. These helped inform a series of personas that we used throughout the process to tie every design decision back to the user. 

From the stakeholder and user interviews, 11 unique persona types emerged. These were used throughout the process as a way to ensure we were addresses the wide needs of the company. We constantly referred back to these and created user journeys to match the various use cases.




Information architecture was key to the redesign. Reorganizing the content in a way that met both business decisions as well as user input was a challenge.


Information Architecture

At the start of the project NBC’s existing Intranet had over 2,600 pages. To create order for the future, a template system was needed. However, before this was made we needed to examine the existing content and make sense of what needed to remain, what was most used by users and what was creating excess bloat.

To learn more about how employees viewed the content, we conducted a series of card sorting exercises. Based off of the card sorting results, a basic navigation structure was created 

To test the proposed navigation, I created a brief prototype using HTML and CSS. Two days were spent watching users walk through a series of tasks to ensure that the navigation was working as intended. After the user tests we were able to further refine the navigation structure.



The dashboard is the front door to the new experience. It needed to be informative but not cluttered with information. 


Page Templates

After the navigation structure had been reorganized, we began creating a series of templates that contained a number of widgets. This allowed us to have 8-10 basic templates that would be repurposed across the site depending on the need of that section. Throughout this process we remained in close communication with the internal teams at NBC to hear their needs for various sections, review content that they were proposing for the new site and recommend updates to their existing content.


The dashboard would be the most important piece of the Intranet as it would be the front door to this new experience. It needed to be informative but not cluttered with information. The dashboard’s main purpose would be to give users an overview of important information from the company and direct them into the content section that they were searching for. We went through a number of iterations and layouts in order to achieve the right balance of content. These iterations were also put through multiple rounds of testing.

Design System

Although I was not personally responsible for the UI of the project, I worked closely with 2 UI designers to develop the system that was put in place. Just as the template was important for the wireframes, a design system was required so NBC is able to update and maintain the site post-launch. 

The last step in the process was creating a functional spec that was delivered to developers in order to explain every template in the project.


Using Format